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Isemarkt (farmer's market)

Located in the district of Harvestehude. At the northern end of the "Außenalster".

One of the most beautiful farmers' markets in northern Germany


Not just for fans a must-weekly market, but also for visitors of Hamburg who want to discover the city from a different angle. Here southern charm meets fresh quality from the north. With its length of about 1 km, the Isemarkt is not only one of the most beautiful weekly markets in Hamburg, but even one of the largest outdoor market in Europe.

In this wonderful district of Hamburg (Harvestehude), between the U-Bahn stops of the U3 "Eppendorfer Baum" and "Hoheluft" takes place this popular weekly market on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8.30 am running til 2 pm - right under the viaduct in the "Isestrasse".

The extraordinary architectural site not only offers a feast for the eye, but is just very handy for rainy days. The visitors can stroll rain-proofed through the market and experience a unique flair of many smells, sounds and impressions.

Variety - from exquisite to affordable

In addition to the many men and market women, many artisans, traders and buskers offer their services. Here you may pinch a bit and even bargain for something shortly before the end of the market day.

Whether crisp asparagus (inspiring for a meal even if you just have a lokk at it!), sweet honey bee or a cute and original Hamburg-Style baby rompers, the visitor gets lot of cool and tasty stuff. Togehter with ith all the nice salespeople, spending money is twice as easy, and not just regular customers are served here very courteous.


The great atmosphere of many different languages ​​and offers you best enjoy with a tasty coffee and cake or something with Savoury at the booths, which are spread over the whole market. Everywhere seatings are offered, usually surrounded by florists who embellish the rest stay even more.

Placed so comfortable, you should use the opportunity to observe other visitors. It's just fund to look at the crowds and many celebrities do not miss a visit to this market, too.

Since the farmer's market is right between two metro stops, you should refrain to get there by car. You wanna park your car? You probably will look long and often in vain. Unfortunately, the same is true for toilets. If you need one, you have to ask for in some of the surrounding coffee bars. But that's in fact the only notable shortcoming of the market. So what we can just say is: Don't miss!


Tuesday & Friday from 8.30 am til 2 pm
(if Tuesday or Friday is a public holiday, usually the day before)

Bus & Rail:

Directly between the two stations "Eppendorfer Baum" and "Hoheluft" (line U3)


You shouldn't take the car!

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